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Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Oct 25, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Local Tree Stump Grinding And Removal
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Brief Explanation

What's The Most Effective Way To Remove A Tree Stump?

Of the various methods which can be implemented to remove a tree stump, one of the best methods available is stump grinding.

Not only is it fast, efficient, and fairly cost effective for the most part, but it also removes the entire stump from the bottom up.

And unlike unpredictable axe swings or outdoor fires, a quality stump grinding in the hands of a professional operator, such as our staff here at Nearby Stump Grinding, is able to shave away your stump close to a millimeter at a time.

This steady technique helps to ensure that no one is harmed during the process and that even the most stubborn hardwood around is no match for the sturdy, bulky teeth that make stump grinders so reliable time and time again.

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What Issues Can Come With Other DIY Stump Removal Methods?

While in certain situation it may appear to make more sense to take your stump removal into your own hands, overall, it tends to be much more beneficial to simply hire a professional stump grinder and remover service outright.

Doing so will help to save you time, hassle, and potential health hazards as well.

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
This company does great work. I couldn’t recommend their services more. They are not like many stump grinders who operate out of their homes. They have a physical commercial building in Peachtree City. Great prices and customer service. They do stump grinding and other light… ~ Garret Merkley - Peachtree City, GA

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1. How Bout Whipping Out The Old Axe?


Digging/chopping out a stump is perhaps the most cost-effective form of removal, but it comes with its fair share of drawbacks as well which shouldn't be ignored.

Cutting, chopping, slicing, shoveling, and extensive amounts of elbow grease are all requirements that come along with this method.

Additionally, it will likely take anywhere from several hours to complete all the way up to the better part of most of an afternoon.

And that's likely just for one single stump!

2. What About Chemical Removal?


Chemical treatment is another viable source of removal, yet it's a process which can take literally weeks to fully complete.

This involves drilling several deep holes into the stump and then placing in the chemical solution which will then progressively rot and decay the stump away.

A key factor which many ignore though is that these chemicals are often quite intense and can be extremely hazardous if used in a vicinity around children, pets, or even other plant life for that matter.

It's worth mentioning too that a keen eye is absolutely imperative for this process since one day you'll insert the chemical and then weeks later have to deal with the second half of the project.

And this may still require a fair amount of chopping, shoveling, and any other types of blade work which may be additionally necessary.

3. Why Not Just Burn It All Down?


It may sound like an exciting idea to forthright soak the entire stump in lighter fluid and strike a match, but things are often much more complicated than that in most cases.

For one, certain open fire regulations may prevent you from using this method depending on where you live or if drought conditions are currently at a high point in your area.

Next, keeping a stump properly burning now only required hours of focus and concentration, but requires additional firewood as well in order to keep everything copasetic and in proper working order.

4. Where Are We Able To Service Your Stump Needs?


We're Fayette County & Coweta County's #1 local, reliable lawn care service.

We proudly service the greater Peachtree City area, and other surrounding locations such as:

- Fayetteville

- Newnan

- Tyrone

- Senoia

- Sharpsburg

- And Several Other Areas As Well.

Not sure if we can come to your area? Simply give us a call to find out from one of our staff over the phone today!