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Stump Grinding Peachtree City

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Counties: Fayette County, Coweta County

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We're 5 Star Rated.

Why Don't You Love Your Stumps?

  • The HOA is bugging me about removing them
  • They are nasty
  • Mushrooms, weeds, sprouts, etc are growing out of them
  • I want to do landscaping...and they're in the way
  • They are ugly
  • I'm tired of mowing around them every week

Trees Are Beautiful But...

Stumps Are Pointless

Let Us Remove Your Tree Stumps

How Fast Can We Remove Them?

We could remove your stumps within 24 - 72 hours depending on our schedule.

On the first call, we can give you our schedule and get you on it.

It's that easy!


Who Will You Talk To?


<-- That is me.

My name is Robert & I answer 90% of the calls.

I look forward to talking with you and getting you scheduled in.


Why Are We The Best Option?

Answering this is easy!

  1. We are insured
  2. We are 5 Star Rated
  3. We have 100s of customers in the area
  4. Local Physical commercial office space

What's It In For You?

1. Your Stumps Will Be Gone!

2. Easy Communication so it's as quick & convenient as possible.

3. All types of credit cards accepted. No-Hazzle

4. Appointment Reminders. So you know when we are coming.

Seeing Is Believing

Here Is Some of Our Stump Grinding Work!

We love to show pictures and even videos of the work we do. Our crew takes pictures of jobs and sends them in.  Hopefully this gives you a glimpse of who we are and what we can do for you!

3 Recent Jobs We've Done

Backyard Stump Grinding Peachtree City, GA

Brief Explanation:

We assisted a local customer in Peachtree City by grinding down several backyard stumps for them.

Interested in knowing why the stump grinder in these pictures is yellow compared to other prior job postings which has a green one?

Multiple Stump Grinding Peachtree City, GA

Brief Explanation:

We helped out a local customer in the Peachtree City area by grinding down multiple stumps which were in their front yard.

Overall, we ended up removing 6 stumps from this customer’s yard which had been a nuisance to their lawn for far too long.

How To Remove A Tree Stump Peachtree City, GA

Brief Explanation:

Of the various methods which can be implemented to remove a tree stump, one of the best methods available is stump grinding.

Dial today to schedule THE best Tree Stump Removers in and around Peachtree City, GA.

If You Need To See More Stump Removal Examples, Let Us Know!

We're Happy To Answer Any Questions You Have

What Are Our Customers Saying

Here Are Their Words

Chester Hutcherson

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jun 12, 2019
My service was awesome!!!! I called on Monday, had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday and the tech called to reschedule due to an appointment on Tuesday. I asked if he could come on the same day. It was quitting time but he accepted the job. Ryan came that Monday even though it was quitting time. Completed the job professionally and was very polite. Thanks for allowing Ryan to complete my project.

Tabatha Blanfort

Fayetteville, GA

Date: Apr 4, 2019
After being swindled out of our money, lied to and being pushed to the back burner by other companies these guys were our LIFE SAVERS! Robert was very professional over the phone. He sent me all the information I requested with no hesitation (wanted to make sure they were legit after being robbed... THEY ARE!) They came out the next day to my surprise. Garrett was super nice, extremely professional and knowledgeable! They did an awesome job grinding all the stumps in my yard and the price was right! I DEFINITELY will be using Nearby Stump Grinding for other services!!! Thank you!!! :)

Kevin Ocheltree

Newnan, GA

Date: Mar 20, 2019
Appreciated all the extra time put into making sure the work was done right. He even stopped and pulled some smaller roots that he knew would have been tough for me to pull myself. Friendly and good service for a great price.

What's Next...?

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Nearby Stump Grinding

Peachtree City, GA 30269

We Are A Full Yard & Lawn Care Company

Ask Us For Our Other Services Too!

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

Great question.

It all depends on the diameter of your stumps and terrain of your land.  Oh and we often give discounts to customers who have more than 10 stumps to remove.

Have you measured the stumps or do you need our pro to come out and see what you have exactly?

Either way the process starts with one simple phone call and you will be on your way to get your stumps removed.

Hurry Before...

We're Too Busy Grinding Other People's Stumps

We're The Logical Choice!

It just makes sense to go with us. Why?

  1. We're local
  2. We have a physical commercial space here in Peachtree City
  3. We are 5 star rated on Google
  4. We do more than just stump grinding
  5. We have a full-time office staff
  6. Billing is easy and convenient for you

Those are just some of the things that our customers thought made sense with our services.

Call Us or...

Text Us or Email Us. It's Easy!

Call Us: (678) 329-8924

Text Us: (678) 329-8924

Email Us

Send Us A Written Letter

Nearby Stump Grinding

Peachtree City, GA 30269


Did you also know that Nearby Stump Grinding is part of a family of locally owned companies that services local customers in Peachtree City, Newnan, Senoia, Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Fayetteville...basically all of Fayette County and most of Coweta County?

If you are looking for one business to service many of your needs, then we are it.

Call and talk to Robert about what else you can hire us to do other than stump grinding.


1. Just How Local Are We Though?


We are as local as it gets. Most of our employees live right here in Fayette County and some live in Coweta County.

We own a commercial building in Peachtree City that we operate out of.

The owner has lived in Peachtree City for over 7 years.

That is pretty local, right? Of course!

2. Do We Remove Trees?


Not yet!

Currently, we offer stump grinding and basic lawn/yard care.  That ranges from lawn mowing, edging, bush trimming, leaf removal, yard debris removal, weeding and more.

It is in the works to offer tree removal.

3. How Soon Can We Remove Your Stumps?


It all depends on how fast you call us & how many people are on our schedule.

We are a successful company that is referred by other businesses, customers and even Google. So don't be surprised if we are booked out. It is normal for the best to be backed up.

4. But Is Our Equipment Professional?


Absolutely it is!

The equipment we use is professionally maintained and is specific to the job we need to do for you.